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ROMAN'S EMPIRE - The Punk Rock Musical

Donning flaming red hair and a spiked leather jacket, Roman thinks he's the epitome of teen punk. He and his friends, Ollie and Franco have the best punk band that never played out. But when his bandmates start to lose interest in playing tunes, Roman reacts like any other 16-year-old pierced punk would...he sings.

To the beat of a punk rock score, Roman and his pals sing and dance in this musical comedy about growing up and friendship. Trying to cope with his "piece of shit guitar" and his selfish tendencies, Roman must search for his own existence in order to restore what was once his empire.

1997, Roman's Empire
24 Minutes

Jeff Schlags as Roman
Jason Levin as Ollie
Thom Woodley as Franco

Written and directed by
Jeff Schlags